Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction
    • The 6 Elements of Singing
    • 6 Elements of Singing Quiz
    • Structure and Understanding
    • Structure and Understanding Quiz
  • 2


    • Resonance
    • Your Instrument
    • Your Instrument Quiz
    • 3 Voices
    • 3 Voices Quiz
  • 3

    Throat Voice

    • Throat Voice
    • Singing Drill 17 - Throat Voice
    • Throat Voice 2
    • Throat Voice Quiz
    • Singing Drill 18 - Throat Voice
    • Listening Drill 9 - Throat Voice
  • 4

    Mouth Voice

    • Mouth Voice
    • Mouth Voice Quiz
    • Singing Drill 19 - Speaking in Speaking Position
    • Singing Drill 20 - Speaking in Singing Position
    • Singing Drill 21 - Singing in Speaking Position
    • Singing Drill 22 - Singing in Singing Position
    • Listening Drill 10 - Mouth Voice
  • 5

    Nose Voice

    • Nose Voice
    • Nose Voice Quiz
    • Singing Drill 23 - Nose Voice
    • Listening Drill 11 - Nose Voice
  • 6


    • Resonance Conclusion

Learn Your Vocal Zones

There are 3 Major Zones of Vocal Resonance in your voice. Learn how to Master them.

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What is Resonance?

Simply put, it is how sound develops before it leaves your lips.

The fact is there is only One Voice. Yours. It is not in your chest, it is not in your head. It is in the throat and resonates throughout your throat, mouth, and nasal cavities. That’s it. If you have lungs and a heart and a stomach, sound does not resonate in your chest. If you have brain in your head, there is no resonance happening in your head. Your voice is the sound that is made by the vocal cords. Then it resonates in the connected chambers of the throat, mouth, and nasal cavities, before it passes your lips. But to help understand our One Voice better, we break it down into three areas of resonance – Throat, Mouth, and Nose. From there we can get a handle on controlling basic Resonance.
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