What We Cover

  • The Difference

    The key to singing in time is first knowing the difference between 'having rhythm' and 'singing in time'. It is possible to have one and not be able to do the other.

  • Patterns & Measures

    The ability to recognize musical patterns, and how they are measured, and how they work together is the first developmental step in singing in time.

  • Timing

    Once you understand musical patterns and measures, the only thing left to do is to practice putting the words and phrases in the right places in the song.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome & Definitions

    2. Having Rhythm

    3. Patterns and BPM's

    4. Rhythm and Patterns

    5. Rhythm and Singing In Time

    1. Patterns Within Patterns

    2. Two Basic Music Patterns

    3. Metronome Drill

    4. Counting Drill

    5. Measures Quiz

    1. Numbers In Words

    2. 1 2 3 4 Measure

    3. Timing Drills Intro

    4. Timing Quiz

    5. Measure Table Drill 1

    6. Measure Table

    7. Measure Table Drill 2

    8. Conclusion

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I know you wanna!

When singing, there is nothing more confusing, and sometimes embarrassing, about singing out of time with music.