Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2


    • You
    • The Biggest Lie
    • Barriers To Singing
  • 3

    Stage Fright

    • Stage Fright
    • Communication
    • Confidence
    • Acceptance
  • 4

    Breath Control

    • Breath Control
    • Breath Control Quiz
    • Deep Breathing
    • Deep Breathing Quiz
    • Breath Control Drill 1 - Deep Breathing FREE PREVIEW
    • Combination Breathing
    • Breath Control Drill 2 - Short Breathing
    • Breath Control Drill 3 - Combination Breathing
    • Free Breathing
    • Free Breathing Quiz
    • Breath Control Drill 4 - Free Breathing
  • 5

    Vocal Mechanics

    • Vocal Mechanics
    • Vocal Mechanics Quiz
    • Conclusion

It all starts with You

If learning how to be a good singer was a pyramid, this Element would be the bottom blocks that all else are built on.

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The Singer

You are not 'becoming' a singer. You ARE one.

The 1st Element of Singing is the Singer and everything that makes up You. And that is what this Singing From Scratch Course is all about. More specifically, this course goes over some of both the Mental and Physical aspects of being a singer - the BIGGEST LIE told to almost every singer who has given up or has felt held back in their singing career - the BIGGEST BARRIERS to singing - STAGE FRIGHT - BREATH CONTROL - and general VOCAL MECHANICS.
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